Winter Attractions around Lithgow

Gardens in Winter

Visit natures garden in the wild or within National parks and State forests where magnificent cool climate trees and plants abound. Lithgow, at 950 m above sea level is a cool climate destination only 150 km from Sydney and the 5th highest town in the Blue Mountains region. Take the Bells line of Road from Sydney, a winding, hilly road which cuts through beautiful bushland and witness the glorious seasonal changes to the surrounding landscape.

Within the region there are also smaller private gardens that are just as interesting in the Winter season. Many gardens are open all year round such as the Blue Mountains Botanic Garden at Mount Tomah and offer a wide range of cold climate plants many of which are bare and dormant over Winter. These deciduous trees and shrubs with their bare branches provide a contrast against the many cool climate evergreens.

Book a self-contained cabin to stay in while you explore, walk or drive to see the sights of the surrounding area. Remember to bring warm clothing and pack your camera to experience and capture the raw structure of plants and trees on show in wintertime.

Lookouts in Winter

The highest lookout in the Blue Mountains is here in Lithgow. Hassans Walls Lookout is approximately 1100 metres above sea level and is just one of many vantage points in the area that offers picturesque mountain panoramas. In Winter, the spectacular views are highlighted by the cold, crisp nights and sunny days together with the possibility of ice, frost, mist and the occasional snowfall.

Bring an extra jumper, a hat, a scarf and some gloves and stay for a few days on our park which is ideal as a base for exploring the surrounding nature reserves and any of the seven national parks which surround the Lithgow valley.

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